Intimacy and sexuality are delicate topics in particular to many adolescents and their parents.  Susanna can help you navigate the process of raising your children authentically on their journey to becoming sexually healthy adults. She will provide tools for communicating your personal values on intimacy while reviewing the importance of using consistently the language and messages that foster age-appropriate emotional development and attachment.

In Susanna’s therapy work with adolescents, the focus is on what sexuality means as part of physical and mental health while challenging the limitations we have accepted as truth. Regaining control and a sense of safety become particularly important after a developing sexuality has been violated.

One of the key elements of therapy with Susanna is age-appropriate, open, and honest exploration of the role intimate relationships play in adolescents’ overall contentedness. Gender role modeling, power positions, feelings of personal empowerment are only few of the cultural facets influencing adult intimacy and what makes us tick sexually. Normalized, non-judgmental, yet informative conversation on any aspect of intimacy in a safe environment is the key to authorizing your child to debunk preconceived concepts, prevent shame about their bodies and fostering healthy sexual development.