The feeling of betrayal and remorse from physical or emotional infidelity can be devastating. Susanna is uniquely qualified to help in your restorative process and healing to make this distressing discovery easier to navigate and to prevent further damage to your relationship. Seeking help immediately following the newly exposed betrayal gives you a sense of control over your future. Infidelity may keep you from tending to the simplest everyday tasks while feeling like the darkest days many couples will ever experience. 

Susanna helps couples heal in the best way possible from what can seem like a hopeless and overwhelming obstacle. Both the injured and the participating partners are dealing with emotions challenging to work through on your own. In methodical, yet meaningful ways, Susanna guides couples through the stages experienced facing the new revelation. 

During the immediate crisis, Susanna assists in calming the storm and restoring a sense of normalcy. In the immediate first days, you learn how to organize the devastating information, how much knowledge of the events is helpful and how to lean on the select supportive friends and family members assisting in the necessary and healthy healing.

As you move through the process, you learn what made your relationship more vulnerable to the events. You will gain all the knowledge necessary to make the decisions about next steps going forward. Infidelity cannot be fully resolved without examining the individual conditions and sexual factors in the relationship. Many precipitating components play into infidelity. Susanna has helped couples rebuild trust by thoughtfully teasing out these underlying elements that lead to the betrayal. Countless couples have recreated their relationships with Susanna and built a stronger connection than appeared attainable in the first days following. 

Most couples survive infidelity and communicate more honestly, completely and clearly than ever before. Partners have a chance to improve, with Susanna’s guidance, their quality of life in the present, gain insight and knowledge on how to change unhealthy or unproductive behavior patterns that may have played a role in the affair. 

Susanna’s style is dynamic, collaborative and interactive while maintaining a nonjudgmental and neutral approach. Couples move forward toward the desired outcome, the new contract, at the pace fitting to the individuals. Together we will reshape your future while exploring your strengths and what you want to invite for happiness in your life.