In addition to traditional psychotherapy (also known as ‘counseling’ and ‘talk therapy’), sex therapy gives you the opportunity to explore the broad spectrum of factors that influence your sexual values, attitudes and behavior (either individually or in a relationship) with a trained and certified professional toward your more complete sexual experience. As an AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists) Certified Sex Therapist with a holistic approach, Susanna facilitates an open, non-judgmental, and responsible exploration of your overall sexual health. You will examine how outside influences impact your sexuality while encouraged toward self-expression and pleasure enhancement without limits.

Impaired sexual functioning may be a result of a medical condition, stress, anxiety, depression, medication regimen, relationship challenges, or other physical and psychological reasons. Susanna nurtures your personal discovery to help you identify the unique circumstances that get in the way of you enjoying and initiating the honest, unapologetic intimate expression that is uniquely yours. 

Susanna will help you rewrite your sexual script with sensitivity and compassion in a safe and calm environment; important in particular, if you have special needs as a survivor of trauma. Substance abuse, compulsive eating, and other self-destructive behaviors may inhibit sexual well-being and satisfaction. Collaboration will help you recognize how these patterns shape your sexual experience and will enable you to take the steps toward the mastery needed to regain the joy and freedom that can be yours.

Relationship sex therapy offers partners a chance to explore, express and negotiate the delicate interplay of physical and emotional needs that lead to sexual satisfaction and intimate pleasure. Desire discrepancy, conflict in relationships, infidelity and alternative lovestyles are a few of the many topics explored in sessions with Susanna discretely and thoughtfully. Effective verbal and physical communication, among other skills you will learn, help you stay playful in exploring further essential elements that keep the spark alive and keep you aroused within a safe, trusting relationship.