What is sex and relationship therapy?

Sexual concerns and infidelity as my focus, I create a compassionate and judgment-free space for you to explore your most intimate challenges - relationship conflict, sexual arousal & dysfunction, desire discrepancies, pleasure enhancement, out-of-control sexual behavior, thoughtful separation, divorce & co-parenting, menopause, body image, sex & trauma, sexual orientation as well as sexuality and aging.


Now what? Do you need help in navigating the strong feelings caused by infidelity? How do you make sense of the changed reality? Are you expected to talk and share now, find a way to seek understanding, when you can’t tolerate each other? Are you looking to be forgiven and to move on? Is it ok to forgive and ask your partner to stay? 
Some relationships emerge from infidelity deeper and more satisfying than before. Susanna helps you mediate the path from disclosure to a thoughtful new reality.



Do you want to improve your quality of life in the present with a specific desired outcome for the future? Do you want to understand yourself better, gain insight into your relationships while changing unhealthy and unproductive behavior patterns? Do you have family issues that need repair, healing or attention? Do you seek understanding, empathy and a place to process feelings and emotions related to grief, loss, anxiety or confusion, identity issues, fear and more?



The concept of ‘sex addiction’ over-simplifies a very complex issue. A strength based approach for treating Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB) is an effective modality Susanna applies with clients seeking help when these behaviors inhibit healthy and productive daily functioning.  


Intimacy and sexuality are delicate topics in particular to many adolescents and their parents.  Susanna can help you navigate the process of raising your children authentically on their journey to becoming sexually healthy adults.

Not your traditional therapist, I am known for authentic and direct style combining various techniques and creative solutions with a unique perspective you can benefit from. My education, training, and personal journey as a daughter, partner, and mother of three young adults allow me to assist you in finding meaning and purpose in your life.


"You lifted my spirits beyond what I thought possible. I have a sense of strength that I was not aware of until now. You are by far one of the most amazing, powerful and important forces in this world with so much to give.  I am lucky to know you."
- Liz 51
"It was a pleasure to meet you and to work with you. Thank you for your kindness and support. You made it very easy for me to open up because you don’t pass judgment."
- Greg 29